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Plantation Shutters are the perfect balance between functional and aesthetic design. Most people love the look of these stunning louvre style shutters but it is not until you live in a house that has them that you can truly appreciate the benefits of them. Just the simplicity of being able to flick them back and forth and gain the perfect amount of light throughout the day, makes them perfect for the busy family household.

There are a few different styles of plantation shutters on the market in Australia, the main difference in shutters is the material they are made out of. 5 Years ago most plantations were timber, now there is a wide variety of shutter types, from PVC to Solid Timber.

Some of the more common materials used include:

Red Cedar Wood

  • Extremely durable and resistant to rot
  • White ants and Termites don’t like it
  • Looks great with a clear finish or stained


  • Extremely strong and doesn’t warp
  • Lightweight
  • Stunning wood grain


  • Economical
  • Will not chip or break
  • Great for wet areas such as bathrooms and laundry

Cost of Plantation Shutters

Plantation Shutters are one of those home improvements that varies greatly in cost depending on the material used, style of the shutters and of course the supplier.

The cost of getting a single story home with 7-10 Windows can be between $4,000-$7,000.

One method that some use is getting cheaper window furnishings in the bedrooms that have windows on the side of the building and get plantation shutters for living areas and front and back external windows. That was the windows that visitors to your home will see (inside and outside) will have plantation shutters.

Do It Yourself

There are a few websites out there selling DIY Shutter kits. These are an economical option and although we do not advocate this method, it is an option for people who are not as financially stable. If you wish to go down that route make sure you study the company’s installation manuals before hand to ensure you can manage such a project and that the plans are detailed enough in the first place.